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Himakshi Road–Cons Equipments Pvt. Ltd, With the prime objective of manufacturing unique, versatile import substitute Road construction equipments like Fog Seal Sprayer, Bitumen Pressure Distributor, Kerb cutter, Mastic Cooker, Chip Spreader.

Our websites would help you to get knowledge of our products that we manufacture. With over a decade of endeavor, knowledge and proficiency we have emerged as a leading construction equipment manufacturing company. We are a team of technocrats who specialize in developing, fabrication and supply of various construction equipments like road construction equipments, fog seal sprayer, paving equipments, hot mix plants and mobile construction equipments. Our equipments are widely in demand by various civil construction.

We are Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Fog Seal Sprayer in India, Construction Machinery and Equipments Mehsana, Gujarat. substitute Road Construction Machinery in India and like Bitumen Pressure Distributor India, Seal Sprayer India, Mastic Cooker India.

We believe in offering complete construction business solutions to our clients rather than just selling products. Our company endeavors to constantly redesign and adapt to changing technologies and market changes.

We are considered to be pioneers launch of many sophisticated machines and equipments for road construction. Our company name is a synonym for reliable products and superior service.Himakshi Road – Cons Equipments Pvt. Ltd is dreaming to emerge as a leader in the wider business area of road and construction machines by fully capitalizing its expertise, know-how, technology and dedication.